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How will you spend your day today?
Life is full of obligations, but also remarkable opportunities. Why wait for your yearly holiday or a long weekend to live a wonderfully rich and rewarding life when there are experiences and adventures just as spectacular right on your doorstep. Surf before work, dive after dinner and hike to your family christmas party. Your home town holds the key to some of the greatest experiences you will ever have if you just take that first step outside.

Make the Day exists to help you find amazing, inspiring places and adventures that make it great to be alive, where you live, on your time. Whether you find that place at the top of a mountain or the bottom of the ocean. Don’t spend another minute not having the best time of your life. Live life, right now.
Find awesome micro adventures to do today in your home town. Search via location, how much spare time you have and adventure types.
Share adventures you have had with others. You can share as a guest or become a registered adventurer so others can find you easily.
Answer questions, provide advice and share your knowledge with others. Help other members of the community have the most excellent day out.
Activity types are broken down into categories to make searching a breeze. We cover all the adventure & extreme sport types that make life better.
Adventure can be found anywhere, by anyone. Our adventurers come from all walks of life with interests in all kinds of activities. What brings them together is a passion for living life to the full, for enjoying every day at it’s maximum potential. Become one today.
Micheil Cathcart
Micheil Cathcart - 76 Adventures
The Daisy Hill Old Quarry
"Our friends Glen and Rani heard from a new neighbour about a great watering hole in Daisy Hill Conservation Park and were really excited to..."
Melinda Beutel
Melinda Beutel - 2 Adventures
Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Heads
"If a refreshing swim in a fun, family-friendly spot is what you’re after then Lake Ainsworth could be the spot for you. Located 20 minutes..."
Carly Wilson - 3 Adventures
Burleigh Heads National Park
"I have only lived on the Gold Coast for a few months and finally made it to Burleigh Heads. I was expecting an over rated,..."
Wayne Cavanagh - 7 Adventures
Kayaking and Sunrises at 1770
"Many adventures are to be had in this sleepy little town on the east coast. Surfing down at Agnes Water, fishing off the rocks or..."
Colin Brown
Colin Brown - 2 Adventures
Moreton Island
Teags - 1 Adventure
Camping at Flanagan’s Reserve
"Flanagan’s Reserve is a really well maintained camp site, with heaps of facilities. There are hot showers, a little corner store and plenty of fire..."
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